The annual meeting of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) will take place from 14-19 April 2024 in Vienna. Principal Research Scholar Linda See will be giving two poster presentations, one on the LAMASUS project and one on emissions reporting in wartime Ukraine. 

The aim of the EU-funded LAMASUS project is to develop an integrated modelling framework to support policy needs related to the EU Green Deal and its many integrated policies, targets, and actions. The proposed model toolbox will allow a variety of stakeholders to investigate the impacts of different policy options while gaining a better understanding of the drivers and impacts of land use change. A key input to these models will be information on how the land in Europe is used and managed. Linda See (NODES) will present a poster on the LAMASUS project and the land use management geodatabase in the session: BG8.9 Agroecosystem monitoring and indicators from farm to continent to improve climate and biodiversity.

Linda See (NODES) will also be presenting the poster: Quantifying unaccounted greenhouse gas emissions due to the war in Ukraine: driver analysis, emission estimation, and implications to emission reporting by Rostyslav Bun in the session BG1.3 Budgets, Trends, and Drivers of Major Greenhouse Gases from Regional to Global Scales on behalf of the lead author Prof Rostyslav Bun of Lviv University, Ukraine. This poster is based on a recent paper published in Science of the Total State of the Environment,

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