27 October 2014
Korea University, Seoul

International Seminar: Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Services

An international seminar at Korea University tackles bridge-building through policy and science on climate change adaptation and ecosystem services.

Boat Rungchamrussopa, Shutterstock

Boat Rungchamrussopa, Shutterstock

The seminar is jointly organized by IIASA's Ecosystems Services and Management Program, BK21Plus Eco-Leader Education Center, and the Korea Forest Research Institute, and is hosted by the Korea Environment Institute. IIASA speakers will include IIASA Director and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat, Ecosystems Services and Management Program Deputy Director Florian Kraxner, and IIASA researchers Anatoly Shvidenko and Nicklas Forsell.

In conjunction with the seminar on 27 October,  Kabat will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Korea University President to develop research collaborations and academic exchange. 

Seminar Description: "Building bridges through Policy and Science of Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Services"

Climate change is being recognized as an inevitable issue for humankind that needs to be addressed and tackled by our global society.

Currently, the world that we are living is experiencing unbalances as well as development in nature and economy. “Wise adaptation” to climate change is increasingly being recognized as of main importance to mitigate unbalances and promote sustainable development. Global collaboration and joint developments is also recognized as the key issue to reach pathways that provide long-term sustainable solutions.

Wise adaptation can be realized through enhancing “Ecosystem Services” of the natural assets that we have. Of key importance for Korea is the forest which roughly covers 65% of the national land area. 

More information: Invitation and Program (PDF)

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