24 May 2018
Laxenburg, Austria

Sixth Laxenburg Climate and Energy Day 2018: Focus on our Footprints

IIASA researchers will join the Laxenburg community and their Klimabundnis committee for the sixth Laxenburg Climate and Energy Day, which will again be hosted by the institute.

 © Pecold | Shutterstock

© Pecold | Shutterstock

At the event, IIASA researcher Johannes Pirker will discuss how consumption of everyday products has global environmental consequences. He will highlight the omnipresence of palm oil in commonly used products and how this impacts producer countries in terms of forest conversion to palm plantations and contribution to climate change.

During the event, this year’s climate award will be given to the Kindergarten Hofstrasse and recent analysis of environmentally friendly mobility options for Laxenburg will be presented.

Laxenburg Climate and Energy Day 2018

As a “Climate Alliance” community in Austria, Laxenburg strives to raise awareness about environmental issues and making smart choices to reduce their environmental impact. 

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Last edited: 07 May 2018


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