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Muhammad Awais


Integrated Assessment and Climate Change Research Group

Energy, Climate, and Environment


Muhammad Awais joined IIASA in 2019 and is a researcher in the Energy, Climate, and Environment Program. He is currently contributing to the development of a multi-scale and multi-sector integrated assessment model within the MESSAGEix ecosystem. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, Canada.

His main research interests include integrated assessment modeling for accessing sustainable pathways for water-energy-land challenges to support policy analysis at national and basin scales. His MS Thesis was about quantifying costs of environmental flows in the Indus River Basin using the NExus Solutions Tool (NEST) model developed by IIASA.

Awais obtained his master's degree in Hydro Science and Engineering from the Technical University Dresden, Germany (August 2019) and his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan (May 2016). In addition, he has one year of experience working with an engineering consultancy firm on designing electrical transmission lines and reviewing hydraulic designs of hydropower projects.

Last update: 29 SEP 2021


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