IIASA as a partner in the ELEVATE Project, is support of the NDCs and current national climate policies.

To implement the Paris Agreement's goals, greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced to net-zero around 2050. However, current policies are still insufficient to reach this target and net-zero promises by countries are generally lacking concrete roadmaps on how to reach them. ELEVATE aims to create a robust scientific understanding required to strengthen NDCs and current national climate policies focused on achieving net-zero emissions mid-century in line with the Paris Agreement. For this, ELEVATE brings together a unique multidisciplinary consortium of 20 partners, including leading international and national modelling teams, climate policy experts and social scientists.

As part of the ELEVATE project, the ECE program leads the work on Justice, Equity and Just Transition scenarios. ECE also studies national climate policies through a feasibility lens, assesses national climate policy impacts on IAM scenarios, and develops scenarios for the trade of emission allowances.

ELEVATE is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme and coordinated by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.


Bonn Marriott Hotel, Germany

ELEVATE/ENGAGE/COMMITTED International Co-Creation workshop