The Geo-Wiki Team in collaboration with the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) AusCover facility is developing an Australian Geo-Wiki Branch that will allow people to review land-cover maps created by AusCover and its partners.


The AusCover Facility is an Australian national expert network that provides remote sensing data, time-series and satellite based biophysical map products for Australia. AusCover also provides associated field calibration and validation data at continental scales.

In collaboration with the ESM EOS Group a new Australian Geo-Wiki Branch has been developed, that will will allow Volunteers to review land-cover maps created by AusCover and its partners. The overall goal of the AusCover project is to allow any person to use their local area knowledge in improving the validation of maps produced by Australian state and federal agencies, NGOs, researchers and others. This will enable TERN to provide better assessment, management, and monitoring of environments across Australia.

The Australian Geo-Wiki System is now in the final stages of development.

IIASA Research

The EOS Group will develop the AusCover Geo-Wiki branch as part of the refactored Geo-Wiki platform and will provide technical support for data upload and data validation. Additional functionalities will be developed and added to the AusCover Geo-Wiki branch.

Further, the EOS group will provide support in using the Geo-Wiki pictures application and the integration of the data from the mobile app into the AusCover Geo-Wiki portal. 

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