IIASA researchers participate in a seminar titled "Demography matters: the human life from birth to death", organized by Vienna Institute of Demography and Wittgenstein Centre.

IIASA Population and Just Societies Program scientists will present the latest and currently ongoing projects in their demographic research areas in the seminar for the students of Austrian Study Foundation on 29-30 September.

Demography deals with the lives of people from birth to death. The original and still current goal of demography is the statistical description of human populations in terms of their demographic structure: its composition (by sex, age, and other characteristics such as education or marital status) at a given point in time, and the demographic events that take place within (births, deaths, marriages, etc.). In recent decades, demographers have expanded their research from the population level to the micro level (i.e., individual human lives). This expansion has been
accompanied by an increasing connection to other disciplines concerned with human life, such as sociology, psychology, economics, and political science from the social sciences, and medicine or biology from the natural sciences.

The workshop will provide students with an overview of demography in general and insights into the most exciting research questions currently being addressed. The first part of the seminar will introduce the discipline itself, including its historical development, interdisciplinary ties, and the most powerful demographic tools. Students will participate in a workshop that introduces the challenges and opportunities that arise from collecting demographic data.


Indian girls in school uniforms at school

24 March 2023

Increasing education opportunities for girls could help reduce preventable deaths in children under five

An IIASA study shows that maternal education, and particularly secondary education, plays a significant role in reducing deaths in newborns and children under five years of age in both rural and urban areas of India.
Worldmap made up of cogs

21 March 2023

Wolfgang Lutz awarded the Science Prize of the Austrian Research Association

IIASA Interim Deputy Director for Science, Wolfgang Lutz, has received the Austrian Research Association’s 2023 Science Prize for his excellent scientific achievements and the scientific-political relevance and high topicality of his research.