The Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services (AFE) group has hosted researchers from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as part of the TaigaClimate project meeting from 29 to 30 April. 

TaigaClimate has a unique character, pioneering the integration of biophysical needs and population dynamics modeling. It develops computation models of natural ecosystems and human activities, which are used to make forecasts of the future consequences of a changing climate and different management alternatives.

Project chart © Oskar Franklin | IIASA

Systems perspective of forest and wildlife management. Climate controls biological processes and the capacity of the ecosystems to supply services to society. Societal transformations and stakeholder preferences drive demands for products and ecosystem services. The market forces make forest and wildlife management adjust until supply balances demand. The User tool allows us to evaluate the impacts of different policy and management options for all stakeholders.

Throughout the two-day meeting, participants presented the progress of all project collaborators and focused on integrating the different components from a technical perspective.

The project meeting underscored the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing climate change by ensuring optimal management for the long-term sustainability of forests and wildlife and their utilities for stakeholders.



TaigaClimate Project

TaigaClimate Project Fieldtrip © Oskar Franklin | IIASA

To generate new ideas and inspiration, the researchers made a field trip to the Austrian mountains to observe local wildlife and wildlife management.


Team meeting

04 May 2023

Researchers from Norwegian Geotechnical Institute visit IIASA

Researchers from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) visited IIASA on 24 April to finalize a five-year collaboration on nature-based solutions for meeting climate and biodiversity targets, and to plan a proposal to continue their collaboration.

27 March 2023

Co-producing fair transformative pathways towards climate and biodiversity goals

Horizon Europe project RAINFOREST kick-off meeting
world map made up of immigration stamps

24 January 2023

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration?

New research finds a high variation between how pandemic mitigation measures affected immigration to different destination countries, from a slight increase to huge reductions.