Researchers from Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) visited the IIASA on 11th and 12th July to explore tools that take a whole systems approach to the global risks we face.  

IIASA - CSER workshop people and patterns © IIASA


Paul Ingram is a Senior Research Associate at CSER, who has formerly led the British American Security Information Council, hosted the BASIC Trident Commission of 2011-14 and formulated in 2018 the Stepping Stones Approach that is the basis behind the Stockholm Initiative for Nuclear Disarmament. Sarah Woods is a Visitor to CSER (April 2023 to January 2024).  She is an award-winning writer and creative systems thinker. She’s Associate Professor at the Denmark National School for Performing Arts, a 2023 Fulbright Scholar, founder of 'Artists In Exile', and has contributed to several BBC radio 4 productions.

Highlight of this visit was a three-hour long ‘People and Patterns’ workshop which focussed on the dominant narratives, current systems (e.g., energy, food, defense, technologies), underlying paradigms, how they re-enforce each other, and are exacerbating global catastrophic risks. This led to a discussion about the alternative narratives, systems, and paradigms to safeguard our collective futures and how they can emerge amidst ongoing crises. CSER researchers emphasized an ability to operate inclusively with a wide variety of perspectives, including those we may disagree with as a key system thinking attribute to overcome the systemic crises.

This workshop was enthusiastically attended by around 15 researchers at the various stages of their career. As they represented different IIASA programs and bought their respective insights to the discussion, it significantly enriched CSER researchers’ attempts to map systems and underlying patterns behind the global risks we face. This workshop was followed by smaller meetings to discuss specific research ideas and possible collaborations.

This visit was initiated and facilitated by the co-ordination team of IIASA’s Transformation within Reach (TwR) initiative.


John Schellnhuber lecture

14 June 2024

IIASA Leadership visits Washington DC

In May, IIASA Director General John Schellnhuber and Head of Communications and External Relations Barbara Kreissler traveled to Washington DC for a series of meetings with members of the US IIASA Committee and other key stakeholders. The trip aimed to strengthen relationships and explore new opportunities for collaboration.
USA flag

23 April 2024

US Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna visits IIASA

H.E. Ambassador Laura Holgate, US Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna, met with IIASA Director General John Schellnhuber to discuss advancing collaboration on leveraging systems analysis for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The visit strengthened ties between IIASA and the US, emphasizing a commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange for informed decision making.
WG4 workshop

07 March 2024

Advancing European Science Diplomacy: Co-creation Workshop at IIASA

From 6-7 March, the European Union Science Diplomacy Working Group 4 on building capacity for European science diplomacy convened for a two-day co-creation workshop hosted by IIASA and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna.