The project, Just Transitions to Net-zero Carbon Emissions for All (JustTrans4All), was selected in 2021 as one of the first two IIASA Strategic Initiatives. The project kicked off in September 2021 and aims to contribute to novel analyses of transition pathways that reflect justice concerns.  

In its first months, JustTrans4All established engagement with IIASA National Member Organizations (NMOs) and started capacity development activities, advanced ground-breaking science, and participated in relevant scientific conferences. A workshop was conducted with NMO representatives and an NMO survey was undertaken to inform the project's theoretical framework. In the summer, JustTrans4ALL will engage with students from the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) who work on related topics. In addition to the above, a PostDoc researcher has been hired to join the team, interactions with NMO representatives are looking into further opportunities for engagement, and capacity development activities are being prepared.

JustTrans4ALL is currently in the process of developing its theoretical framework and assessing the elements of justice covered in integrated assessment modeling and the related literature. Empirical data analysis of decent living standards over time is also underway.

The project aims to contribute to the ongoing scientific debate. JustTrans4ALL team members have presented the project at national and international conferences of different disciplines, including the Second World Forum on Climate Justice and the 22. Österreichischer Klimatag. In the coming weeks, project researchers will present at several other conferences.




29 April 2022

FairSTREAM updates

In 2021, the fairSTREAM project was selected as one of the first high impact Strategic Initiatives at IIASA. Below is an update on what the project has achieved to date.
Blue puzzlepieces showing links between economics, environment, and society on yellow background

07 October 2021

Achieving just transitions to a net-zero world

Only a minority of the global population currently enjoy high levels of wellbeing, while many are experiencing multidimensional poverty. A new IIASA strategic initiative – JustTrans4All – aims to improve our understanding of how to make the needed transitions more just.
Ugandan women planting vegetable plants

01 September 2021

Building fairness into decision making

The fairSTREAM project just launched under the auspices of the IIASA Strategic Initiatives Program, aims to develop and demonstrate a co-production methodology for including equity and justice (fairness) alongside efficiency in developing sustainable policy options across the food-water-biodiversity nexus.