Due to limited availability and strong interest in the Tipping Points Modelling Intercomparison Project (TIPMIP) “Towards TIPMIP” WE Heraeus Foundation seminar in November, we are pleased to announce an additional community-wide, online-only event: TIPMIP for All, to be held on 9 October 2023 from 16:00-18:00 CET.

The TIPMIP for All event will build on the momentum of the 2022 TIPMIP kick-off meeting in Exeter and the discussions had will inform those at Towards TIPMIP seminar in November.

Major uncertainties remain regarding the identification and qualification of climate and Earth system tipping elements, as well as their associated timescales, feedback strengths, and the consequences of compounding interactions between multiple tipping elements. There is thus an imperative demand to advance the modelling of climate tipping points so as to allow for more systematic uncertainty and risk assessments. The Tipping Points Modelling Intercomparison Project (TIPMIP) will fill these critical knowledge gaps by connecting and evaluating various models under a standardised set of experiments. By doing so, we aim to identify the risk of crossing individual tipping points in the cryosphere, biosphere, and core circulation systems; determine the reversibility of crossing certain tipping points; and, more generally, quantify and qualify critical processes currently underrepresented in Earth-system models and analysis.

At the TIPMIP for All event, we will invite interested persons as well as existing TIPMIP collaborators to join in a discussion as we shape the projects multi-year research agenda.

Among other things, we will:
(1) introduce TIPMIP leadership and structure;
(2) update participants on the progress on TIPMIP so far;
(3) highlight our recent Unacceptable Uncertainties for Unacceptable Risks manuscript outlining the need for a tipping points modeling intercomparison project;
(4) invite colleagues to discuss and offer feedback on the existing draft framework for the TIPMIP protocol and experiments
(5) discuss next steps and milestones, and how to get involved.