Join us for this webinar series that aims to advance the knowledge about tipping elements, irreversibility, and abrupt changes in the Earth system. This installment will look into why methane is rising, how sources and sinks are changing, and what the risk from hydrates is.

The Tipping points discussion series supports efforts to increase consistency in the treatment of tipping elements in the scientific community, develop a research agenda, and design joint experiments and ideas for a Tipping Element Model Intercomparison Project (TipMip). It is a joint activity of the Analysis, Integration, and Modeling of the Earth System (AIMES) global research project of Future Earth, the Earth Commission Working Group 1 Earth and Human Systems Intercomparison Modelling Project (EHSMIP) under the Global Commons Alliance, and the Safe Landing Climates Light House Activity of World Climate Research Program (WCRP). IIASA co-hosts the scientific secretariat of Working Group 1 of the Earth Commission and is one of the organizers of these events.

This webinar will include presentations on:

  • Global Methane - is methane telling us that climate warming feedbacks have already driven us over a termination-scale tipping point? Euan Nisbet (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Novel insights on regional and global methane cycling. Sara Knox (McGill University)
  • Q&A and discussion 

The session will be moderated by Gabrielle Dreyfus (Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development)

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A recording will be available after the event.

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