To celebrate GIS Day, the Department of Civil Engineers and Geomatics at the Cyprus University of Technology is hosting a one-day conference, bringing together a wide variety of users of spatial data from academia to the public sector and commerce.

Dr. Linda See is a Principal Research Scholar in the Novel Data Ecosystems for Sustainability (NODES) Research Group in IIASA’s Advancing Systems Analysis Program. In addition to citizen science and crowdsourcing, her research interests also include artificial intelligence-based methods, geographic information systems (GIS) and land cover. She is a member of the Geo-Wiki team on crowdsourcing of land cover data, quality assurance of crowdsourced data, and community building. She has coordinated several initiatives in the fields of land cover validation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, satellite navigation data collection using online tools and mobile apps, etc.

In this keynote, Linda See will talk about how synergies between volunteered geographic information, citizen science and Earth Observation can be exploited for improving our knowledge of land cover, land use and other environmental variables. The keynote will showcase the work of the NODES research group including crowdsourcing using Geo-Wiki and various mobile apps developed at IIASA.

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