IIASA demographer Wolfgang Lutz is invited to speak at the International Resource Panel Webcast Series on the topic of population and demography.

night offices © Evgeniy Safronov | Dreamstime.com
© Evgeniy Safronov | Dreamstime.com

As part of the scenario development process that informs the modelling work for the Global Resources Outlook 2023, the International Resource Panel (IRP) is inviting leading thinkers to present, in a series of webcasts on selected topics, what they see on the horizon with regards to possible and plausible futures. They discuss the key risks and opportunities in each domain and how they think risks can be managed and opportunities achieved.

The webcast series ‘What does the Global Future hold?’ is open to the public. It includes talks followed by Q&A sessions with speakers. 

In this episode of the International Resource Panel Webcast Series: What does the Global Future hold, Wolfgang Lutz is invited to discuss what he sees on the horizon in terms of the future of "population and demography". He will speak about the key risks and opportunities and how the risks can be managed and opportunities achieved. The webcast includes a talk and a Q&A session.

Dr. Lutz is the leading expert in the field of international population trends with a special focus on population forecasting, population-development-environment interactions and introducing education as a standard demographic dimension in addition to age and sex. He has published over 270 scientific articles, including 13 in Science and Nature.

For more information about the webcast series visit the IRP website

Event date: 10 May 2021 


Event time: 9:00-11:00 am CEST

This session includes webcasts episode 1 with Wolfgang Lutz and episode 2 with Maarten Hajer