Nikita Strelkovskii, Research Scholar at the Cooperation and Transformative Governance (CAT) and Exploratory Modeling of Human-natural Systems (EM) Research Groups at the Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) Program, presents the outcomes of the recent IIASA research on systems approaches to modeling national well-being systems at the “Well-Being 2022: Knowledge for informed decisions” conference. His talk titled “A systems view on national well-being and implications of COVID-19 on it” discusses the multi-faceted impact of COVID-19 mitigation policies on various aspects of national well-being – from employment to social support.

The “Well-Being 2022: Knowledge for informed decisions” conference is organized by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Luxembourg (STATEC) and the Ministry of the Economy, Luxembourg.

This international conference brings together leading scholars to discuss the quest for better lives. It discusses the challenges of the traditional view of economic growth as the foremost policy goal and is dedicated to addressing the following questions: How do we promote well-being? What are the best policies? What is the role of civil society? How can these insights help us address the environmental, social, and economic challenges of today and the future? The conference involves keynote speeches and a roundtable discussing how policymakers can integrate the findings from well-being studies as well as an intervention from civil society activists.

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