Qinhan Zhu from the Systemic Risk and Resilience (SYRR) group participated in the Alumni Forum of the Global Environment Program of Tsinghua University, discussing climate risk analysis and resilience building.

The Alumni Forum was organised by the Global Environment Program, a scholarship program aiming to cultivate talents in international environment governance. Alumni specialising in energy market, climate change, public health and international governance were invited to share up-to-date research with current program attendees. The topic "Age of Uncertainty: Understanding the Risk of Climate Change, Public Health and International Supply Disruption" covered the risk of climate disasters, health emergencies and global conflicts. Qinhan presented his study on European Union’s financial tools to address disasters, as well as the fiscal benefit of parametric sovereign insurance. Other presenters coming from Stanford University and Columbia University shared their research in the risk of energy supply disruption and the challenges on food security induced by the war.