IIASA researcher Roman Hoffmann will attend the ECMN 2023 Conference organized by Environmental and Climate Mobilities Network in Vienna, Austria.

The Environmental & Climate Mobilities Network (ECMN) seeks to establish a robust collaboration among researchers, decision makers and practitioners from all over the world and to foster innovative ideas through the annual conference, deploying a novel format to stimulate enriching discussions and cooperative transdisciplinary research.

The 1st ECMN Conference "Towards a transdisciplinary understanding of migration and im/mobilities in the context of environmental and climate change" will be held from 10 to 12 July in Vienna.

Roman Hoffmann, leader of the Migration and Sustainable Development (MIG) Research Group in the Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Program will deliver a presentation on "Climate Change, Aridity, and Internal Migration: Evidence from Census Microdata for 72 Countries" and chair a session on "New Datasets and Modelling Approaches".

Dr. Hoffmann's research focuses on various issues related to the impacts of climate change on human livelihoods, migration, and health and well-being. He is also interested in factors that influence climate change mitigation and sustainability, including drivers of environmental concern, pro-environmental behaviors, and support for climate action.

For detailed information and registration to the ECMN23 please visit theĀ event website.