How to prepare better and react easier to disruptions? Join a discussion on energy security with a new perspective, and engage in exploring the multiple benefits a demand-side approach can give when society faces wars, disruptions, recessions and alike. We invite you to a seminar co-organized by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE) under the umbrella of EDITS initiative (Energy Demand changes Induced by Technological and Social innovations) on 11 December 2023 at the UNFCCC COP28.

EDITS project © IIASA

IIASA and RITE organize a thought-provoking event on promising societal and technological transformations that enable a better response to a variety of disruptions. The seminar will discuss energy supply and use disruptions, pandemics, conflicts, as well as more recurring extreme weather events (heatwaves, cyclones, etc.). Innovative demand-based solutions lead to faster, more persistent and more effective outcomes, through focusing on prevention, co-benefits and wellbeing provisions in comparison with supply-side focus.

Come in person: Japanese Pavilion, Expo City Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Join online: (registration is a prerequisite)



Moderator: Nebojsa Nakicenovic, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

18:00-18:05        Welcome and opening

Nebojsa Nakicenovic, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria

18:05-18:15        Importance of demand side solutions for the transformation towards net-zero society

Keigo Akimoto, Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Japan

18:15-18:30        Greater leverage for energy security with demand-side policies

Nuno Bento, University Institute of Lisbon (Iscte), Portugal

18:30-18:40        Urban space and society in times of crises: the role of demand-side innovations

Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, Central European University (CEU), IPCC Vice-chair

18:40-18:50        Bridging the knowledge gap to empower demand-side solutions: special reference to Global South

Joyashree Roy, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

18:50-19:15        Moderated panel discussion with speakers: demand-side innovations and their connection to energy security

Ensuring wellbeing and access to essential and social services is why society requires materials and energy. This seminar presents the roles of technological, social and infrastructural innovations that can not only lead development to wellbeing to all, but also prepare our infrastructures, cities and rural spaces, societies to be more resilient and increase energy security, even more energy services security.

You can download the agenda here.

Read about our speakers here.

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