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Zoriana Romanchuk

Research Assistant

Novel Data Ecosystems for Sustainability Research Group

Advancing Systems Analysis Program


Zoriana Romanchuk joined the IIASA Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) Program in September 2022 as a research assistant in the Novel Data Ecosystems for Sustainability (NODES) Research Group. Her research interests include spatial data and geoinformation systems for the analysis of land use dynamics and environmental processes; artificial intelligence-based methods; and geospatial modeling of greenhouse gas emission processes in different sectors of human activity at a regional level and at a level of emission sources.

She has a BSc degree in applied mathematics from Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine where she is also currently obtaining her MSc degree in mathematical and computer modeling. The title of her bachelor thesis was, Comparative analysis of ODIAC and GEAA geospatial data on greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel consumption in Argentina.

Last update: 20 FEB 2023