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Younha Kim

Research Scholar

Pollution Management Research Group

Energy, Climate, and Environment Program


Younha Kim is a research scholar in the Pollution Management Research Group of the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment Program. She first came to IIASA in 2014 as a participant in the Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) and returned to the institute in 2019.

As part of her research, Kim has focused on subjects related to emission inventories, emission processing for atmospheric chemistry-transport modeling, the assessment of air quality improvement policy, future emission scenarios, and the development of integrated assessment models (IAMs). She has various experiences of working on projects, focusing on supporting policy with scientific research output, thereby bridging the gap between science and policy. She is currently working on updating and improving data on volatile organic compound (VOC) pollutants in the GAINS model. She co-leads the Development of a collaborative, integrated management framework to improve future air quality in Northeast Asia (AQNEA) project — an international collaborative project supported by Korea. She also does active work for the Development of a global integrated assessment modeling system for climate-air pollutants management focused on Northeast Asia (GUIDE) project as a coordinator.

She received both her master's and doctoral degrees in the field of atmospheric environment from the Department of Environmental Technology at Konkuk University, South Korea. Her dissertation work focused on the development of an integrated assessment model (GAINS-Korea) and the assessment of air quality improvement policies using the GAINS-Korea model.

Last update: 19 MAR 2024


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