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Sylvia Tramberend

Senior Research Scholar

Water Security Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Sylvia Tramberend is a research scientist working on IIASA’s interdisciplinary and policy oriented research, and is a member of the Water (WAT) Program. Her key research interests and main responsibilities include scenario development, identifying solution pathways until the 2050’s in the food-water-energy-environment nexus and sustainable consumption in a globalized world, and studying linkages between the biophysical and socio-economic domain.

Her responsibilities as a land use and GIS expert have included the development of large spatial databases serving the modeling and analysis needs in the areas of food-environment-bioenergy-water linkages, food-system analysis, land use and water scenarios and environmental transition. She was involved in Agro-Ecological Zones Methodology assessments for agricultural development planning, worked on several assessments of biofuels and food security, and the mobilization of resources for the bio-economy. In sustainable consumption research she has been a principal investigator in analysis tracing embodied land use and deforestation in agricultural and forestry products from primary production to final utilization. The geographic focus of her research has been both global and regional (e.g. Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, China, and Brazil).

Dr. Tramberend graduated in 1994, from Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences with principal subjects in land use planning, environmental sciences and ecology. In 2005 she received her PhD from the same University, based on research on "The impact of temperature and precipitation variability on potential agricultural production in China". In 1994, she was a participant in the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) and has worked with a number of different programs at IIASA since then. She is engaged in and committed to capacity building.

Last update: 10 OCT 2017