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Philip Hackstock

Research Software Programmer and Data Steward

Energy, Climate, and Environment Program

Research Software Programmer and Data Steward

Integrated Assessment and Climate Change Research Group

Energy, Climate, and Environment Program


Philip Hackstock is a research software engineer and data steward in the Integrated Assessment and Climate Change Research Group of the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) Program.

As part of the program’s Scenario Services and Scientific Software team, he works on tools for the processing and validation of integrated assessment data. In his role as the ECE data steward, he works with researchers and librarians to establish best practices of open science and open data.

Before joining IIASA in 2021, he obtained a master's degree in physics from the Technical University (TU) Vienna. For his master's thesis he spent a year at CERN as part of the AEgIS collaboration working on the team's antihydrogen detector. During his studies he also worked on ultrasonic separation for Sonosep investigating ultrasonic resonance patterns in fluid structure interaction.

Last update: 28 JUN 2023


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