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Peyman Arjomandi

Guest Research Assistant

Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group

Advancing Systems Analysis


Peyman Arjomandi joined IIASA as a visiting scholar in the Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group of the Advancing Systems Analysis Program in October 2021.

He explores water governance and conservation issues encompassing the role of political, economic, environmental, and contextual factors on shaping water governing systems, as well as their fit, efficiency, and effectiveness (macro level analysis). He also investigates the socioeconomic and psychological factors governing the intentions or behavior of major users to facilitate water and environmental conservation, particularly in disastrous arenas (micro level analysis). He has more than 15 years of professional experience in definition, feasibility studies, conceptual design, implementation, and operation of water and environmental projects in Middle Eastern and European regions.

His main research interest is behavioral analysis comprising both institutional (system) and individual level behaviors in line with climate change adaptation. More specifically, he is focusing on political-security and political-economy concepts besides socio-psychological theories to identify system and individual level pro-environmental dynamism and behaviors.

Last update: 19 JUN 2023