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Paul Kishimoto

Research Scholar

Sustainable Service Systems Research Group

Energy, Climate, and Environment Program

Research Scholar

Integrated Assessment and Climate Change Research Group

Energy, Climate, and Environment Program


Paul Natsuo Kishimoto is an IIASA Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the Energy (ENE) and Transitions to New Technologies (TNT) programs, with a research focus on transportation demand growth in emerging economies; consequent energy demand and environmental impacts; and technology and policy for sustainable mobility.

He joined IIASA in August 2018, after completing his PhD in Engineering Systems and SM in Technology and Policy at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society and the Joint Program on the Science & Policy of Global Change at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His dissertation work focused on freight and passenger transport in China, developing and applying computable general equilibrium and econometric methods to characterize and project transport demand, energy use, and emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants.

Dr. Kishimoto is interested in data, methods, and models that can be used to understand uncertain trends, emerging technologies, and new policies in transport. At IIASA, he is involved in improving the treatment of travel behavior and consumer decisions in the MESSAGEix global integrated assessment model, and in using household-level microdata from national-level social services to better characterize individual mobility and its relationship to urban and transport-system context.

He previously studied aerospace engineering at the University of Toronto, and in 2013, was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy at Tsinghua University.

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