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Michael Freiberger


Economic Frontiers Program


Michael Freiberger joined the IIASA Economic Frontiers (EF) Program in 2021, to work on the modeling of economic problems related to disruptive change, COVID-19, and health.

He obtained his master's degree in Applied Mathematics in Economics and Statistics at TU Wien (the Vienna University of Technology) in 2017 with a focus on dynamic macro-economic modeling, population and environmental dynamics, and mathematical optimization. The same year he joined the Vienna Doctoral Program on Water Resource Systems, where he analyzed the economic aspects of socio-hydrological models that describe the interaction between population and the water system. In 2018, he started working at the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital, a collaborative center of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Vienna Institute of Demography), International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, and University of Vienna, on the project, ‘Life-cycle behavior in the face of large shocks to health'.

Freiberger is currently completing his PhD-thesis on 'Optimal prevention and adaptation under risk in health and environmental economics'. His general research interests include: (i) dynamic macro-economic modeling, (ii) optimal control systems (with age-structure or stochastic elements), (iii) health economics, and (iv) numerical methods for optimization problems.

Last update: 21 MAY 2021