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Masoud Yazdanpanah

Guest Research Scholar

Cooperation and Transformative Governance Research Group

Advancing Systems Analysis


Masoud Yazdanpanah holds a PhD in agriculture extension. He joined IIASA in 2010, first as a Guest Research Scholar in the Risk and Resilience (RISK) Program. In 2020, he worked jointly with RISK and the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program, and since 2021 he is a Guest Research Scholar in the Cooperation and Transformative Governance (CAT) Research Group within the Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) Program. He also holds a position as Lecturer in Ramin University in Iran, where his main research topics are related to risk management, climate change mitigation and adaptation based on the understanding of views and risk perceptions of different stakeholders, participatory governance and natural resource management and conservation, with particular focus on water and energy.

Dr. Yazdanpanah completed his PhD at the Shiraz University in 2012, with the dissertation "A water governance framework". He worked on projects related to drought and water management, rural and agriculture development, climate change adaptation, energy conservation and renewable energy development, and sustainable fisheries, as well as teaching courses on agricultural extension, environmental sociology and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Last update: 23 MAR 2021