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Juliana Arbelaez Gaviria


Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Juliana Arbelaez Gaviria joined the IIASA Ecosystems Services and Management Program (ESM) as a Guest Research Assistant in September 2020, to work on the Global Biosphere Management Model (GLOBIOM) for the Czech Republic. She is a PhD student in Applied Bioclimatology at the Mendel University of Brno and Research Assistant at Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences- CzechGlobe, where she is focusing on assessing the efficiency of mitigation strategies of the water regime under future climates. Ms. Arbelaez obtained a master's degree in Environmental Modeling from the University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic. During her studies for her master thesis, she implemented a hydro-thermodynamic model to evaluate evaporation in soils.

During her PhD research, Ms. Arbelaez will work at CzechGlobe to assess the efficiency of the mitigation and adaptation strategies in the Czech Republic in the context of the SustES project - Adaptation strategies for sustainable ecosystem services and food security under adverse environmental conditions, with an interdisciplinary modeling approach to increase the water retention in ecosystems. Her main research interest is in combining environmental and economic sciences to evaluate global and local factors that impact the adaptation and mitigation measurements related to climate change.

Last update: 08 OCT 2020