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Jens de Bruijn

Research Scholar

Water Security Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources


Jens de Bruijn joined the IIASA Water Security (WAT) Research Group in February 2020. He works on developing a large-scale agent-based model of farmer behaviour in the hydrological model CWatM, to which he is also a contributor. Furthermore, he works as an associate editor of ISIpedia, a science communication project.

He also works as a post-doctoral researcher at VU-IVM where he similarly works on large-scale agent-based modeling of farmer behaviour, leads the model development of the COASTMOVE project and supervises several PhD students.

Dr. de Bruijn holds a doctoral degree from the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at the VU University Amsterdam on the analysis of disaster-related social media, flood detection and disaster response. In this role, he also developed the Global Flood Monitor. Previously, he also worked as a data scientist at FloodTags and as a consultant for the World Bank to support rapid damage assessments (GRADE).

In 2015, in the course pursuing his MSc studies, he participated in the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP), working on a global assessment of non-renewable groundwater use for different crop types.

Last update: 22 APR 2021


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