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Artem Baklanov

Research Scholar

Novel Data Ecosystems for Sustainability Research Group

Advancing Systems Analysis


Artem Baklanov joined IIASA as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in September 2014. He is currently affiliated with the Exploratory Modeling of Human-Natural Systems (EM) research group within the Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) program, where he works on the application of control theory, game theory, and machine learning to inform environmental decision making. Currently, he develops tools for a trade-off analysis in Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) and studies consistency between short-term policies and long-term targets. Dr. Baklanov applies the attainable set approach to circumscribe possible short-term actions that are consistent with a specified long-term target, as well as to reveal which long-term targets are still attainable depending on a chosen short-term policy.

Last update: 22 JAN 2021