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Anatoly Shvidenko

Guest Emeritus Research Scholar

Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


Anatoly Shvidenko joined the Forestry Program in October 1992 (now the Ecosystems Services and Management Program (ESM)), and has been principal investigator in a number of projects on the forest sector of Northern Eurasia, including projects financed by the European Commission, European Space Agency, and other international organizations (Siberia, Siberia-II, GSE-FM, IRIS, Enviro-RISK, etc.).

Professor Shvidenko graduated from the National Agricultural University of Ukraine (forestry) and the Kiev State University (applied mathematics and theory of probability). He received his Candidate of Science (PhD) degree in mathematical modeling of growth and productivity of forest in 1968 and his Doctor of Science degree in forestry in 1982. In 1990 he was awarded the Ukrainian State Prize in the field of science and technology. Since 1982 he has been a full professor and since 1993 Academician of the UN International Informatization Academy. From 1959 to 1967, he worked in the Russian Far East, in forest inventory expeditions, at the Sakhalin Forest Research Station, and as main forester for the Dolinsk State Forest Enterprise. From 1968 to 1987, he worked at the Ukrainian National Agricultural University (currently National University of Bioresources and Natural Management of Ukraine) where he headed the Department of Forest Inventory and Planning. Before joining IIASA, he was the Director of the All-Russian Scientific Research and Information Center for Forest Resources in Moscow.

Last update: 24 AUG 2020


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