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Alexey Davydov

Guest Research Scholar

Exploratory Modeling of Human-natural Systems Research Group

Advancing Systems Analysis


Alexey Davydov joined IIASA in January 2005 as Principal Investigator within the Dynamic Systems Program, now the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program.

Prof. Davydov received his master's degree in mathematics in 1979, his candidate degree (PhD) in physics and mathematics in 1983, both from Moscow State University, and his doctorate in physics and mathematics from the Steklov Institute of Mathematics in 1993 with his dissertation on implicit differential equations and qualitative theory of control systems. His scientific interests include ordinary differential equations, dynamic systems with control, singularity theory, and parametric optimization. He has authored more than sixty scientific papers and the monograph "Qualitative Theory of Control Systems," MIR - AMS, 1994. Since 1982 he has worked at the Vladimir State University as an Assistant Professor (1982-1984), Associate Professor (1984-1990), Full Professor (1993-2006), and Chair of the Department (2006-present). From 1990 to 1993 he occupied a research position at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics.

Prof. Davydov received the Moscow Mathematical Society Award (1986) and the International Academic Publishing Company Prize (2002). He was a visiting professor and research fellow at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, RTWH-Aachen, Universidade do Porto, Paris VII, Hokkaido University, and University of Liverpool, and has participated in several international scientific projects.

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