There is a need for a radical step-up in the attention we pay to current and future climate impacts and associated efforts. Despite inspiring examples of adaptation solutions, stand-alone risk reduction projects that tackle issues through direct or existing policy levers are common practice. Adopting a systemic, transformative approach is advocated by the Mission Adaptation and European Green Deal. P2R takes an innovative systemic approach to regional climate resilience; one indivisible from Europe’s future economic and social development, intersecting with net zero commitments, and demanding a markedly different approach from the one adopted so far.

P2R will empower at least 100 regions and communities to co-design visions of a climate resilient future and corresponding transformative, locally led pathways and innovation agendas that ensure long-term impact through political commitment.
We do this by:

  • Mobilising regional interest and progressively elevating the ambition and capability of regions;
  • Developing a Regional Resilience Journey framework (and supporting services) to equip regions and communities in developing climate resilience pathways and connected innovation agendas;
  • Allocating €21M across 100 regions and communities via three open call cycles to support their Journeys
  • Triggering a wide engagement of citizens and diverse stakeholders in the co-creation of the pathways;
  • Increasing knowledge on adaptation innovations across Key Community Systems (KCS) and enabling conditions;
  • Boosting literacy and access to (innovative) adaptation finance; and (g) developing a Resilience Maturity Curve to baseline and monitor regional resilience capacities.

Led by Climate KIC, the P2R consortium brings the combined strength of: regional network organisations, technical designers and innovators of transformative adaptation, adaptation finance experts, learning and capability building specialists, and monitoring and innovation impact partner.