In memory of Tatsuhiko Kawashima by Dr. Roger E. Levien, IIASA Director 1975-1981, with contributions from Andrei Rogers, Head of Human Settlements and Services 1975-1983, and Gabriele Orac, Conference and Visitors Services 1973-1987.

Tatsuhiko Kawashima, or "Tats" as we knew him, joined IIASA in 1977, the first Japanese scientist at the Institute. 

As a professor of Regional Science and Transportation at Gakushin University, he fit well into the Human Settlements and Services Area, where he contributed his knowledge of economics, regional science, and Japan to international comparative studies on demography and regional development, two of the principal projects undertaken in IIASA's first years. 

He had joined Gakushin University in 1973 after receiving his PhD in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and returned there after completing his sabbatical at IIASA in 1979. 

Tats and his family participated fully in IIASA's numerous international social events, which included ski trips and national holiday celebrations. On one July 4th American Independence Day picnic, sponsored by the Americans at the Institute, his 12 year old daughter Kiko who attended the American International School in Vienna, was an enthusiastic and successful participant in the childrens' games. 

During his two year stay, Tats commuted daily from Vienna to Laxenburg with three other IIASA scientists, including Peter de Janosi, a future director of the Institute, developing lasting friendships. 

Several IIASA colleagues were invited to attend the wedding of his daughter Kiko, to Crown Prince Akishino, in 1990. 

The accompanying photo of Tats with his grandson, His Imperial Highness, Prince Hisahito, was taken by IIASA alumna Gaby Orac, during a visit to Japan in 2010.

Those who had the pleasure of meeting him and his family at IIASA remember them warmly. He was a bright, personable, and gracious person, who contributed in many ways to the spirit of international goodwill of the "IIASA Family." 

Tats Kawashima © Gaby Orac