Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Into the great wide open

The summer 2023 edition of Options proudly showcases the ongoing endeavors of IIASA researchers across various domains and disciplines, as they persistently strive to address the pressing challenges confronting society today.

Our cover feature highlights how opening up access to science can spark new insights into our planet’s health and that IIASA is opening doors to science by encouraging open access to publications and making data, tools, and models more accessible. We also take a look at how IIASA is harnessing the power of citizen science and co-production processes to strengthen societal participation in research and sustainability issues. In addition, we explore the enduring partnership between Japan and IIASA, which has yielded numerous fruitful collaborations since the institute’s founding in 1972.

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Magazine articles

28 June 2023

Proving health insurance coverage can extend lifespan in the United States

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Health insurance expansion in the US increases lifespan through medical innovation but may lead to overconsumption by the elderly, highlighting the need for a systemic approach in evaluating healthcare policies.
Americas- Regional Impact (USA)

28 June 2023

Analyzing the impact of ecosystem services in coastal Brazil

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: IIASA researchers have developed a model to measure the economic value of ecosystem services in Ubatuba, Brazil, emphasizing the need for population control and measures to protect these services.
Americas- Regional Impact

28 June 2023

Promoting sustainable rural development in sub-Saharan Africa

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: IIASA has joined the LEAP-RE initiative to promote sustainable rural development in sub-Saharan Africa through the RE4AFAGRI project, which focuses on climate-water-energy-land-food-environment nexus modeling and renewable energy adoption.
Regional impacts-Africa

28 June 2023

Applying a methodological framework for COVID-19 management in Botswana

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Researchers developed a framework using multi-criteria decision analysis to aid Botswana in formulating a COVID-19 strategy, considering stakeholder opinions and risk assessments.
Bostwana- Regional Impacts

27 June 2023

Driving change from the ground up

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Felicity Addo joined IIASA in 2021. She is a key contributor to the FACE Africa project, bringing together local actors to co-design strategies to ensure food security in The Gambia.  
Felicty Addo feature

26 June 2023

Where are they now: Nicole Arbour

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Nicole Arbour is the current Director of the Belmont Forum, an international partnership that mobilizes funding for environmental change research and accelerates its delivery to remove critical barriers to sustainability.
Nicole Arbour Feature

26 June 2023

Utilizing forest management practices to counteract EU species loss

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Strategic forest management could provide the pathways needed to mitigate climate change while minimizing species loss in the EU.

26 June 2023

Systems analysis for reducing footprints and enhancing resilience: Reflections on the 2022 IIASA-ÖAW Conference

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: IIASA Advancing Systems Analysis Program Director, Elena Rovenskaya, and Viktor J. Bruckman, National Member Organization Secretary for Austria, reflect on the main topics discussed at this jointly organized hybrid event that formed part of the IIASA 50th anniversary celebrations.

26 June 2023

Addressing population decline in Ukraine after the Russian invasion

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Joint Research Centre (JRC) and IIASA collaborate to explore the future of Ukraine's massively declining population post-war.
Ukraine Refugees

26 June 2023

Citizen science: Co-creating a better future

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Citizen science is the new buzzword. Science is no longer confined to ivory towers, it is something that anyone and everyone can participate in. With numerous citizen science initiatives around the world, you can be anything from an astronomer for a day, counting stars in the night sky, to a marine biologist decoding whale sounds.  
Citizen Science- Main Image

26 June 2023

Improving air pollution and public health in South Asia

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: The World Bank's newest report features a collaboration with IIASA researchers in combating air pollution in South Asia.
South Asia Air Pollution

26 June 2023

Advancing systems analysis for informed and agile decision making

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Continuing innovation and developing new tools is crucial to effectively address problems, adapt to changing circumstances, and drive progress in an ever-evolving world. To bolster the institute’s analytical toolkit, IIASA is continuously developing new systems models and methods incorporating state-of-the-art technology.
Advanced Systems Analysis

23 June 2023

Creating impactful connections in and beyond IIASA

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: IIASA Network and Alumni Officer Monika Bauer brings together the global network of IIASA staff, alumni, and National and Regional Member Organizations. She is responsible for the online community platform IIASA Connect and is also the co-president of the IIASA Women in Science Club (WISC).   

23 June 2023

Creating feasible and sustainable solutions

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: IIASA researcher Giacomo Falcetta is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the world by developing practical and sustainable solutions that can be readily implemented by policymakers.
Renewable Africa

23 June 2023

Japan and IIASA

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Japan and IIASA have a long history of collaboration, dating back to the institute’s foundation in 1972. Over the years, the partnership has resulted in a multitude of research projects, workshops, and conferences, tackling complex issues on a global scale.
IIASA & Japan illustration

23 June 2023

Into the great wide open

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: By opening up access to science, IIASA is sparking new insights into our planet’s health.
Options Magazine Summer 2023 cover

23 June 2023

Q&A: At the intersection of sustainability and economic growth

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Q&A with IIASA Honorary Scholar Prof. Kirit Parikh, a long time IIASA collaborator and supporter of the institute's Young Scientists Summer Program.
India cooking LPG

22 June 2023

Using multi-sector transformation to replenish the Indus River Basin

Options Magazine, Summer 2023: Using an integrated water-energy-land system model on multi-sector transformations, IIASA researchers seek to enhance environmental flows in the Indus River Basin.
The Indus River Basin