IIASA has joined international science organizations across the world to sign the Science in Exile Declaration in support of at-risk, displaced, and refugee scientists.

Today, one in nine people are forcibly displaced owing to war, conflict, violence, persecution, and socio-political instability, as well as climate change. Among those fleeing their countries are scientists, doctors, engineers, and others with advanced technical training. The number of displaced and refugee scientists is unknown, but they probably number in the thousands, possibly exceeding 10,000. Even when they find refuge in a new country, the insecurity often continues, due to their precarious status.

IIASA has joined a number of key stakeholders to pre-endorse the Science in Exile Declaration, “Supporting at-risk, displaced and refugee scientists: A call to action” which outlines the key commitments necessary at global level for both immediate and long-term support and protection to scholars and scientists who are at-risk, displaced, or refugees, so as to build a better future for them, science, and society at large.

The declaration is part of the Science in Exile initiative, organized by the World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries (UNESCO-TWAS), the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), and the International Science Council (ISC). The initiative is an active international movement which promotes the protection of scientists, leading to better science and contributions to humanity.

IIASA welcomes the opportunity to be part of this commitment to enhance the work and lives of at-risk, displaced, and refugee scientists globally. These individuals are invaluable to the global scientific community and their protection is essential for national and international science.”