Migration is a highly complex social phenomenon and migration decisions depend on a variety of social, political and economic factors. Researchers from IIASA and Wittgenstein Centre published the Fact Sheet Migration, providing information about the challenges, that might be confronted for a successful adaptation.

The public discourse on migration is usually simplified and limited to the potentially large migration flows that are triggered by armed conflicts and wars, and economic deprivation. For a social and political debate, it is necessary to understand the reasons for migration, characteristics of the population groups that migrate and the consequences of migration in the country of origin and destination.



28 November 2023

TEDx talk on "How climate change affects population dynamics"

Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Program principal researcher Raya Muttarak talks about the relationship between global climate change and migration at a TEDx event in Vicenza, Italy.
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27 November 2023

EQU Justice Framework Workshop at IIASA

The Equity and Justice Research Group, in collaboration with the IIASA Strategic Initiative projects fairSTREAM, JustTRans4ALL and TRUST, hosted a Justice Framework Workshop on 16 November at IIASA. 
Female doctore with elderly male patient, both are wearing a mask.

08 November 2023

Accurately calculating life expectancy since COVID-19

By how much did life expectancy fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic? A new study suggests that pandemics require a new method to accurately calculate life expectancy: “hybrid life expectancy” takes the duration of the pandemic into account, revealing that health crises have much smaller impact on life expectancy than previous studies have suggested.