Four exceptional young scientists from the 2023 Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) have been recognized for their research efforts this past summer. Three will receive funding to continue their research projects at IIASA and one candidate has been given an Honorable Mention for outstanding effort.

IIASA is proud to announce the winners of the annual Levien, Mikhalevich, and Peccei awards for Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) participants. These awards will enable three participants from the 2023 YSSP to return to the institute for an additional three months to continue their research projects.

The awards are given annually for exceptional papers from the previous year’s YSSP cohort. Candidates are nominated by the program director of the relevant IIASA research program and assessed by a committee comprised of one member from each research program. Each candidate’s paper is evaluated based on its quality, originality, and relevance.

The Levien award is dedicated in tribute to former IIASA Director General Roger Levien who established the YSSP in 1977. The Peccei award is named in honor of IIASA alumnus Aurelio Peccei and recognizes policy-related research, while the Mikhalevich award, named for IIASA alumnus Vladimir S. Mikhalevich, is aimed at mathematically and methodologically oriented research.

The 2023 YSSP Levien, Mikhalevich, and Peccei Award Winners

Mr Gaurav Ganti, Peccei Award © Gaurav Ganti

Gaurav Ganti from the Humboldt University of Berlin won the Peccei Award for his research: “Pathways to Inform the Equitable Implementation of the Paris Agreement”.

IIASA program: Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE)

YSSP Mentors: Setu Pelz, Matthew Gidden


Lucas Vivier, Levien Award © Lucas Vivier

Lucas Vivier from the Centre International Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement (CIRED) near Paris won the Levien Award for his research: “Decarbonizing the EU Residential Sector: A Modelling Assessment of Current Policies and Future Strategies”.

IIASA program: Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE)

YSSP Mentor: Alessio Mastrucci

Ms Huiying Ye, Mikhalevich Award © Huiying Ye

Huiying Ye from the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), China won the Mikhalevich Award for her research: “Linking R&D Investment to Emission Reduction Cooperation: Overcoming Free-Riding While Achieving Deep De-Carbonization ”.

IIASA Program: Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA)

YSSP Mentors: Nikolay Khabarov, Michael Kuhn, Michael Freiberger

Honorable Mentions

Ms Yuanhui Wang © Yuanhui Wang

Yuanhui Wang

Yuanhui Wang from the Beijing Normal University, China received an honorable mention for her study on “National Strategy Analysis Towards Mutual Achievement of the SDGs: A Method Coupling Dynamical Model and Network Hierarchy Analysis Based on SDG Interactions”.

IIASA Program: Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA)

YSSP Mentors: Nikita Strelkovskii, Rotem Zelingher



Israel on blue digital planet Earth with network.

08 March 2024

The Archimedes Center: advancing systems analysis in Israel

In 2023, IIASA collaborated with Tel Aviv University and the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, to set up a new national research center focusing on a broad set of scientific fields related to systems analysis in Israel.
Reduce CO2 emission concept with green background and icons depicting ways to help reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

22 November 2023

New research exemplifies collaboration between IIASA and EAP

IIASA and the University of Wisconsin Madison's Energy, Analysis, and Policy (EAP) Program have a history of collaborating on impactful research and formalized their partnership in 2022 thanks in part to a generous donation from Wes and Ankie Foell. Wes Foell, EAP co-founder, completed modeling work for IIASA in the 1970’s, and hopes to see the collaboration continue to grow.
FLAM team and Korean Post-docs

17 October 2023

New Team Members in Focus: Advancing Research Works in Agriculture, Forestry and Ecosystem Services Group

We are pleased to announce the arrival of four new researchers to the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group. With varying backgrounds and research objectives, this quartet is poised to elevate the group's interdisciplinary research in global and regional agriculture, forestry, and natural land ecosystems.