CGAP is a global partnership of more than 30 leading development organizations that works to advance the lives of poor people, especially women, through financial inclusion.

In 2022, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) launched a new effort centered on understanding and enhancing the role of financial services in helping low-income populations build resilience to climate change. Grounded in a strong focus on the lived experience of vulnerable people, the new CGAP program ultimately aims to offer guidance to various stakeholders on the role that different financial services can play in helping the vulnerable reduce the impact of and adapt to specific climatic risks, which constraints are impeding that role, and what meaningful actions they can take to overcome those constraints. The Advisory Committee will help guide CGAP in this effort. The Committee is comprised of experienced thinkers and practitioners from different parts of the climate change and financial inclusion communities who can help shape thinking and work on this critical topic, which is likely to grow into a significant development agenda.


taking a soil sample for a soil test in a field.

14 May 2024

Study confirms giant store of global soil carbon and highlights its dynamic nature

Discussions around soil carbon have traditionally revolved around organic matter, overlooking the substantial contribution of soil inorganic carbon. A recent study published in Science by an international team of researchers, however, addresses this oversight.

13 May 2024

Analyzing the underlying causes of the food crisis in Gaza

IIASA research highlights that besides the devastating impacts of the Israel-Hamas War, there are additional longstanding causes for the ongoing food crisis, and tailored strategies are urgently required to resolve it.
Green seedlings in various stages of growth

02 April 2024

CROPS: a new EU-funded project to grow citizen science in Europe

In February 2024, a new EU-funded project kicked off. CROPS – short for curating, replicating, orchestrating, and propagating citizen science across Europe – is a three-year project that brings together six partners from six different countries to develop and demonstrate a modern, inclusive mechanism to support the upscaling of citizen science activities in Europe and beyond.