Nadejda Komendantova is invited to give a talk on "A Decision Tool for the Water-Energy Nexus in Jordan" at the 19th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques (SOMET 2020). The conference brings together researchers and practitioners to share their original research results and experience in scientific software development and related new technologies. It facilitates discussions about new trends in decision support systems, tools and methodologies. 

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A Decision Tool for the Water-Energy Nexus in Jordan

Jordan is currently facing a serious problem of water scarcity. It is the fourth water-scarce country in the world. The sustainability of water supply in Jordan is affected not only by the depletion of water reserves but also by increasing electricity tariffs.
In the paper submitted to the SOMET 2020 conference, Nadejda Komendantova, Love Ekenberg and Mats Danielson present results regarding the water-energy nexus governance in Jordan using a computer-supported co-creative approach for evaluating stakeholder preferences on criteria and possible scenarios of development for the sectors. They describe a decision support tool and a methodology for evaluating stakeholder preferences for both sectors and on possible scenarios of development for the water and energy sectors. They rate the potential future of energy and water using a set of sector-relevant criteria while considering entire ranges of possible alternative values and criteria weights. By using second-order probabilistic considerations, they furthermore analyze how plausible it is that a scenario outranks the others.