Nadejda Komendantova from the Advancing Systems Analysis Program is invited to speak at the Stakeholders' Consultation organized by UNECE and UNESCO on Innovation for Sustainable Development in Uzbekistan. Her talk is dedicated to innovation policy and risk perceptions from various stakeholders. These risk perceptions are influencing the intention of the stakeholders to lean towards innovation while reflecting on expectations of premiums for risk, delaying deployment of innovation, and increasing the volume of required investment. The talk also contains examples of de-risking policies and risk mitigation measures. 

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During this stakeholders' consultation, UNECE aims to develop recommendations on innovation policy mechanisms and stimulation of innovation activity, enhancement of innovation capacity among stakeholders, and improvement of the national innovation system efficiency. 

The welcome remarks are delivered by Shahlo Turdikulova, Deputy Minister of Innovation Development in Uzbekistan, and Elisabeth Tuerk, Director of Economic Cooperation and Trade Division of UNECE. The representatives of other organizations, namely UNESCO, UNDP, UNESCAP, and the World Bank, provide insights on their recent research on innovation governance in Uzbekistan. 

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