27 November 2023

Exploring Promising Pathways for Carbon Farming and Sustainable Land Management in Kazakhstan

As opportunities for foreign investments and international linkages for Central Asia grows, it provides a great window of opportunity for Kazakhstan to scope new means to revive its unused lands. In November, the Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) program showcased its preliminary findings on scaling carbon farming prospects in Kazakhstan in the capital city of Astana.
O2 release and CO2 escape

24 October 2022

Scanning the Eurasian horizon for new CO2 offsetting opportunities

The possibility of global temperatures exceeding the Paris Agreement 1.5°C target is rising every year. We already face the impact of climate change through often extreme weather conditions which threaten ecosystems and risk livelihoods. Yet, current plans to reach net-zero emissions targets do not go far enough to achieve the 1.5C target in time.
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21 October 2022

How reverse globalization hinders regulatory power in an era of concentrated digital markets: discussions from the 8th Eurasian Antitrust Forum

IIASA researchers participated in a workshop which discussed exactly how competition authorities can unentangle themselves from reverse globalization effects and forge a harmonized, ecosystem-based governance approach for digital markets.



28 November 2022

Improving water-energy access in Central Asia

Options Magazine, Winter 2022: To help mitigate the water crisis in Central Asia, researchers devised a carbon-neutral and reliable regional strategy by building seasonal pumped storage plants in major rivers.
Regional impacts


carbon farming

Prospects And Possible Scenarios for Scaling Up Carbon Farming and Trade in Eurasia (CAMEA)