The Annual Report presents highlights from IIASA research and other activities at the global, regional, and national level. It shows how IIASA has harnessed science diplomacy, capacity building, collaborations, and networks over the past year, and outlines the structures, policies, and procedures in place at IIASA to enhance the research environment and ensure that the institute remains the primary destination for applied systems analysis that drives policy impact.

Selected highlights

12 October 2022

Energy dissected

By capturing the fine structure of energy use, IIASA research reveals the need for targeted policy on energy access, illuminates a possible clash between access and climate, and shows that billions may be unprotected from heat stress.
Concept of idea and innovation. Hand with a burning gear in the globe.

12 October 2022

Targeting methane

Countries are coming together to try and control this elusive greenhouse gas, with the help of IIASA research.
Methane gas bubbles trapped in frozen water at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.

08 September 2022

Co-development – more than just a buzz word

Striving for excellence and designing truly innovative solutions in science requires many creative minds from different disciplines and parts of society to work together.
Team Partnership Collaboration Support Concept

07 September 2022

The migration maze

To navigate the intricate intersection of climate change, migration, and urbanization, we need a holistic approach.
Family stranded on island during flooding in the delta Bangladesh due to climate change

02 September 2022

Deciding to change

The COVID-19 pandemic taught a stern lesson: to shape a sustainable world, societies must improve their decision-making.
Concept of ESG Environmental social governance in futuristic glowing low polygonal style with planet earth map, seedling, human heads and scales symbols on dark blue background.

11 July 2022

Adopting and applying the latest technologies

The rapid development of digital tools and technologies in the world today enables us to analyze environmental and societal challenges on a deeper level and devise better fitting solutions. In 2021, researchers at IIASA made several pioneering applications of digital technologies to work on pressing global issues.
Business data market elements, charts, graphs, diagrams with world map.

11 July 2022

Fertile feedback

IIASA research shows that increasing access to clean energy can rein in population growth, and so reduce future energy needs. Another study finds that falling fertility does not have to be bad news for economies.
Population. Different multiethnic people of different ages. Groups of families.

11 July 2022

Strategic thinking for pandemics

Bringing together a wide range of stakeholder viewpoints, IIASA has developed an approach to identify strategic policies for COVID-19 as well as future pandemics.
World map showing coronavirus covid-19 pandemic virus, focus on Europe

01 June 2022

Exploiting the digital revolution: Open science

IIASA is dedicated to making science accessible to everyone. Open science helps to amplify the positive scientific and societal impacts of research while also increasing the visibility of the institute and its researchers.
Concept of internet network and sharing.

01 June 2022

Energy balance

A powerful new IIASA model is set to reveal the profound links between energy and inequality, and how to steer the energy transition towards a fairer future.

01 June 2022

Shocking economics

IIASA is developing new ways to explore the economics of disruptive change, casting light on our responses to pandemics and natural disasters.

01 June 2022

Water tomorrow

A new tool to assess water security can help nations plan for a challenging future.
African girl drinking clean fresh water from a water tap outdoors