Postdoctoral Program 2013

Seven postdoctoral researchers worked at IIASA in 2013, building their own scientific knowledge and expertise in support of the Institute's own research directions.

Postdoc meeting

Postdoc meeting

In 2013 four postdoctoral researchers produced papers on their continuing research into aspects of energy, forestry, carbon, and nitrogen recycling, and adaptation to natural disasters.  

Shorter outlines of the work of the other three researchers during the year are also provided. 

The information is provided to give an idea of the contribution made by postdoctoral research in 2013 to the Institute's overall work. Note, however, that all the work is ongoing and may be subject to revision. 

Evolutionary dynamics in biological and social systems

Xiaojie Chen is working with the Evolutionary Ecology Program (EEP) to assess evolutionary dynamics in biological and social systems, specially the emergence and stability of cooperation in social networks, using evolutionary game theory and adaptive dynamics. More

Sustainable bioenergy production

Nicklas Forsell is working with the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program with a focus on improving understanding of forest ecosystems and devising sustainable management strategies for them, both as sinks for carbon and as potential providers of fuel for energy. More

Modeling soil carbon and nitrogen cycling based on microbial ecology

Christina Kaiser discusses her postdoctoral work in 2013 which relates to the feedback of the terrestrial carbon cycle to global environmental change. More

Natural disaster and social-ecological transitions

Wei Liu discusses his postdoctoral work which relates to the transitioning human-environment relationships in the community of the Wolong Nature Reserve, China, in particular the period after it was struck by the 7.9 Mw Wenchuan earthquake. More

The future of Swedish forests in a global perspective

Eva-Maria Nordström discusses her postdoctoral work which aims to link two IIASA models and one Swedish model to create scenarios consistent with the IPCC Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) for a set of alternative Swedish forest management strategies. More

Decent living energy

Narasimha D. Rao discusses his two postdoctoral studies on i) quantifying the energy requirements for a given universal set of living standards in three developing countries and ii) using an integrated approach to explain income inequality.  More

Land classification and governance

Carl Salk is working with the Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program to develop statistical tools for comparing land classification error rates on maps with different cover categories and with the Risk Policy and Vulnerability (RPV) Program on protocol development for adaptive governance arrangements for tropical forest ecosystems. More

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