13 June 2022

People profile: From Everest to systems analysis

Options Magazine, Summer 2022: Before joining IIASA in 1980, Michael Thompson was a Himalayan mountaineer. Navigating risk in the mountains has influenced his research on risk theory, and environment and development in Nepal.
Mountains carved just above Jay Prithvi Highway in Bajhang district of Sudurpaschim province to build a road

02 February 2021

Roads, landslides, and rethinking development

Prakash Khadka and Wei Liu explain how unbridled, unplanned infrastructure expansion in Nepal is increasing the risk of landslides.

A man pedals a cycle rickshaw used for transporting goods during a flash flood

06 May 2020

Resilience thinking: Preparing for and recovering from COVID-19 in the context of compound risks

The global COVID-19 crisis is challenging the social fabric of countries and communities across the globe. Interventions such as lockdowns, social distancing measures, and economic stimulus packages have been introduced to reinforce societal resilience. The resilience of national health systems is particularly in the spotlight – primarily keeping occupancy numbers of intensive care beds under a critical threshold, as well as improving access to basic health services for people infected with the virus, and ensuring that infections do not spread further.