Activities for 2015

A major activity for the Energy (ENE) Program in 2015 will be finalization of the Share Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs), developing next generation integrated assessment models (IAMs), and a number of methodological and exploratory projects.

Adapted from: © Ximagination | Dreamstime

Adapted from: © Ximagination | Dreamstime

The finalized qualitative and quantitative SSP scenarios will be officially launched at the IPCC Expert Meeting on Scenarios, to be hosted at IIASA in May 2015. The meeting will bring together diverse scientific groups from the international scenario community.

ENE will focus on the development of the next generation of IAM modeling tools with improved representation of energy-food-water nexus. This is a topic of high global significance given that most of the challenges in providing access to water, energy, and food relate to the billion poorest people in the world who lack access to all three resources.

Methodological and exploratory projects will complement this work, focusing on salient factors affecting energy transformations. These will include collaborative work with scientists from the Transitions to New Technologies (TNT) Program, and research into further behavioral aspects affecting energy demand, such as vehicle choice by consumers.

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