South Africa

The Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program was again the highlight of joint activities between IIASA and South Africa in 2014. 

Map of South Africa

Map of South Africa

Joint activities between IIASA and South Africa in 2014 included:

  1. The second Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program (SA-YSSP) concluded in February 2014 with 36 doctoral students from around the world taking part and supervised by 39 senior scholars from South Africa and the IIASA network. 
  2. The third SA-YSSP began in November 2014 with 28 doctoral students from 17 countries taking part. 

Joint research studies also included a study of how South Africa can make the transition to a low-carbon economy; smart ways to increase crop yields in South Africa; and the impact of different education policies on South Africa’s future population.

South Africa


Population dynamics and human capital

A new book, World Population and Human Capital in the 21st Century, presented the results of the latest population projections from the World Population Program (POP) and the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Human Capital. more



Energy and Human Development

The Energy (ENE) Program made important strides in advancing the state of knowledge on energy poverty, the policy costs of expanding universal access to modern energy worldwide, and the synergies and tradeoffs between achieving universal access and other sustainable development goals. more


Agro-Ecological Systems

The Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program’s Agro-Ecological Systems (AES) research group advanced global and regional crop modeling in 2014, implementing and calibrating additional crops in the global EPIC model and also studying the phosphorus cycle. more


Climate change mitigation with renewable energy

Risk, Policy and Vulnerability (RPV) researchers in 2014 investigated the benefits of renewable energy investments, specifically large solar installations in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. more


Moving livestock toward a more sustainable future

The Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Environmental Resources and Developments (ERD) research group upgraded the livestock module of the IIASA model GLOBIOM to make it the state-of-the-art global economic model in terms of livestock sector representation. more


Resource governance

Risk, Policy and Vulnerability (RPV) scientists showed how political risks to large-scale solar institutions planned for the Mediterranean and North African region depend on the specifics of the sector, size of project, and type of activity. They also discussed the water shortage challenges facing Iran. more

South Africa


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