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Energy (ENE) Program researchers have wide peer recognition in the public and private domain, serving the global science and energy communities in a personal capacity.

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Wind energy

ENE researcher Nebojsa Nakicenovic continued to serve on the Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Carbon Project (GCP). This assists the international science community in establishing a common, mutually agreed knowledge base. The knowledge base in turn supports policy debate and action on slowing the rate of increase of atmospheric greenhouse gases.  

In his capacity as a member of the Advisory Board of the Future Energy Fund of OMV, the Austrian oil company, headquartered in Vienna, Nakicenovic also provided critical input to the company's strategic planning for renewable energies and in 2013 was involved in deliberations with stakeholders and with the European Investment Bank.

Both Nakicenovic and Keywan Riahi serve on various scientific advisory boards, and in 2013 continued their active role on the Organizational Committee of the Austrian Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report (APCC).

ENE researchers Volker Krey, David McCollum, Nakicenovic, Shonali Pachauri, Keywan Riahi, and Bing Zhu have been appointed to altogether more than 35 external advisory and steering committees and serve as editor or guest-editor of 25 scientific journals, reflecting their wide peer recognition.


Global Carbon Project (GCP), CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia;
Future Energy Fund of OMV, Austria;
European Investment Bank;
Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC).

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