Uncertainty, resilience, risk and robust solutions

In the area of uncertainty, resilience, risk and robust solutions, in 2013 ASA researchers focused on the resilience of ecosystems and ecosystem services, and considered the resilience of socioeconomic networks.

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Robust solutions for regional food-water-energy security management under extreme events were developed by quantile-based stochastic optimization approaches. 

Design of robust financial instruments for global carbon emission reduction under uncertainty was considered.

The role of prognostic and diagnostic uncertainties in GHG emissions were analyzed. 

Financial instruments for global carbon emission reduction

A novel decentralized emission trading process, developed by the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program, started to undergo review in 2013. More

Resilience of ecosystems and ecosystem services

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program studied ecological risk assessment which evaluates impacts of immediate and long-term stressors on the environment.  More

Resilience of social systems

Similarly to ecosystems, social systems – from firms to countries – are becoming more and more subject to various stressors whose effects penetrate throughout the system by means of social ties and economic links. The external disturbances here may be of political, economic, financial and even environmental nature. More

Stochastic optimization and robust solutions

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program has been been developing quantile-based stochastic optimization methods to produce solutions that are robust against growing economic, social, environmental risks with respect to all potential uncertainties. More

Uncertainty in environmental services

Total uncertainty in greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions changes over time due to “learning” and the structural change in the GHG emitters. Understanding uncertainty over time is important to improve setting emission targets in the future and was key to the Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program's work in 2013. More

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