Systemic risks and networks

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program in 2013 looked at systems marked by interlinkages and interdependencies, where failure of one entity or a cluster of entities can cause a cascading failure capable of bringing down an entire system.

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In the area of systemic risk and networks, attempts were made to quantify the resilience of economic regional, national, and global networks based on historical data.

The negative relation between transparency of information and systemic risk in financial networks was also revealed.

The formation of social networks was also studied.  

Structure and robustness of economic networks

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program in 2013 contributed to the research of network structures and resilience by conducting studies of economic networks. More

Formation of social networks

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program in 2013 studied communication, friendship, or trade networks, known as multiplex networks, which form the structural backbone of human societies. More

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