Integrated modeling and qualitative analysis

As environmental problems do not respect disciplinary boundaries, integrated assessment modeling, pioneered by IIASA, is a useful adjunct to environmental policy analysis, integrating knowledge from more than one domain into a single framework.

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In the area of integrated modeling and qualitative analysis in 2013, integration of models belonging to a multi-model ensemble was carried out based on formal Bayesian approach; Web-enabled integration of heterogeneous modeling resources (models, data, and modeling tools) was implemented as a generic DSS kernel prototype; and analysis of multiple models simulating costs and benefits of Eurasian integration is planned within the Eurasian project.

Eurasian economic integration

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program is coordinating a project which aims at an open and in-depth discussion and analysis of dimensions of economic integration covering Russia, its neighbors, and the European Union, as well as in a larger trans-continental framework where integration extends also to the key Asian players More

Integration of modeling resources into Decision Support Systems (DSS)

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program has been working for several years on Web-enabled structured modeling, multi-criteria analysis, and infrastructure for sharing research databases, all aimed at supporting collaborative interdisciplinary research for decision support. More

Integration of models

The Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA) Program has been working to develop a well justified tool for integration of different viewpoints into a single picture. More

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